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Deviantart's 16th birthday color challenge by SwiftStorm73 Deviantart's 16th birthday color challenge :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 0 3 Swift 3D model beta stage by SwiftStorm73 Swift 3D model beta stage :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 3 29 Swift Flying by SwiftStorm73 Swift Flying :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 1 10 Swift with Derpy color scheme by SwiftStorm73 Swift with Derpy color scheme :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 1 0 When Swift was a colt by SwiftStorm73 When Swift was a colt :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 3 0 My OC, Quickwing by SwiftStorm73 My OC, Quickwing :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 0 1 My OC, Darkice by SwiftStorm73 My OC, Darkice :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 0 0 My OC, Lynx Pixel by SwiftStorm73 My OC, Lynx Pixel :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 0 0 Boundstorm by SwiftStorm73 Boundstorm :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 2 0 Swiftstorm's daughter, Crystalwing by SwiftStorm73 Swiftstorm's daughter, Crystalwing :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 2 0 Swiftstorm's daughter, Brightstorm by SwiftStorm73 Swiftstorm's daughter, Brightstorm :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 1 0 My OC: Jetwing by SwiftStorm73 My OC: Jetwing :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 3 0 Swiftstorm's son, TyphoonWing by SwiftStorm73 Swiftstorm's son, TyphoonWing :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 1 0 If Swift time travelled by SwiftStorm73 If Swift time travelled :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 2 2 My other pony, bonfire by SwiftStorm73 My other pony, bonfire :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 0 0 My pony, Swift Storm by SwiftStorm73 My pony, Swift Storm :iconswiftstorm73:SwiftStorm73 1 1
Where you can dive into what my OCs look like... and my brothers stuff


Pokemon Daydream and Nightmare box by JoeShiba Pokemon Daydream and Nightmare box :iconjoeshiba:JoeShiba 5 5 Deviant art family AU by RealCelestialQueen Deviant art family AU :iconrealcelestialqueen:RealCelestialQueen 6 8 [C] Langley commission for Swifty by Snowfall-Artistry [C] Langley commission for Swifty :iconsnowfall-artistry:Snowfall-Artistry 7 12 Lazrus Moonflower and Star Lilly - References by RealCelestialQueen Lazrus Moonflower and Star Lilly - References :iconrealcelestialqueen:RealCelestialQueen 6 8 Star Lilly's first birthday~! [NMA] by RealCelestialQueen Star Lilly's first birthday~! [NMA] :iconrealcelestialqueen:RealCelestialQueen 4 0 Wai by RealCelestialQueen Wai :iconrealcelestialqueen:RealCelestialQueen 8 1 MY OTP by RealCelestialQueen MY OTP :iconrealcelestialqueen:RealCelestialQueen 4 9 ~|Betrayal|~ by SilverSonglicious ~|Betrayal|~ :iconsilversonglicious:SilverSonglicious 5 12
Lame confessions
Confession 1: Your biggest fear.
Moths and someone forgetting me

Confession 2: Worst Nightmare. 

I can't say as it's a fairly sensitive thing

Confession 3: Something you wish you could forget.

Someone people I'm not talking about.

Confession 4: Best dream.

Dream I had last night actually-
Was just cuddling and kissing but it was so nice

Confession 5: Favorite memory. 

Hmm. I don't have one anymore

Confession 6: Worst experience.

Private but it's ruined my ability to trust people

Confession 7: Biggest pet peeve.

I dunno

Confession 8: Something you're paranoid about. 


Confession 9: What you thought of your current best friend when you met them. 

SwiftStorm73 is the best fuckin' thing ever and if anyone ever tries to take him as a brother they're dead c:
Confession 10: Your strongest principle/belief. 
//shrug Don
:icondragonheart0211:Dragonheart0211 2 0
Blitz - Age Chart by Blitzenoo Blitz - Age Chart :iconblitzenoo:Blitzenoo 19 15 Firelit Daydream [COMMISSION] by ginger37 Firelit Daydream [COMMISSION] :iconginger37:ginger37 10 2 commission for swiftstorm73 by deslove01 commission for swiftstorm73 :icondeslove01:deslove01 4 0 Commission - Expression by CSOX Commission - Expression :iconcsox:CSOX 85 17 Snowball Warfare II(SwiftStorm) by RCFlashFreak Snowball Warfare II(SwiftStorm) :iconrcflashfreak:RCFlashFreak 15 3 Cute YCH for SwiftStorm73 by SubtleBrush Cute YCH for SwiftStorm73 :iconsubtlebrush:SubtleBrush 3 0 A loving embrace by WinterBreeze96 A loving embrace :iconwinterbreeze96:WinterBreeze96 9 0



I made a discord server. Why? Idk. Feel free to join and hang out
Heyo people! No, im not dead as of yet, and, I came to wish you all a happy Valentines day. I hope you all share the love with your special others, or just treat yourself to a bag of lindor truffles (as I have done XD) and you all have a great day. Also, since im lazy, im gonna advertise my stories in this, dont hate me. TSoS Remastered will continue soon enough, with a story coming out next weekend, and, I promise it'll be my best yet, just for you who actually care. Anyways, thats it for now, and I'll see you all later!

yep, gotta vent now. I gotta let this out. 

Life's been rough. Very rough lately. My house is tense, my safehaven is no longer safe, and I am feeling different. And I know why. There's something going around, and it hurts. It's like a disease of sorts. The symptoms? It takes away people you care about. It begins taking the people you've barely known, pushing them away or ending them entirely. Then, it moves up, taking out friends you sometimes hang out with. You don't notice it yet. But, it soon begins tearing away friends you've known for over a year, close buddies. Then, you notice, but, it's already too late. You can only watch as it tears your life apart. It moves up, to your best friends in the whole world, and separates you from them. From there, it strikes your family. Tearing away your cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and, eventually your siblings or parents, until you are alone. It surrounds you then, filling you with thoughts of dread and sadness. You feel hollow, and, you cant get help. Your friends were your help, but they're gone now. It presses down on your shoulders, and, it will eventually crush you, taking your mind and killing you with your own hands. This, happened to a dear friend of mine, who lost a battle to this monster. She took her own life. It's not easy handling this, for I've been struggling with the same problem. She's gone, and, now, things just aren't right. Nothing can be done anymore really, it's already separated me well enough from my friends. This curse moves from one person to the next, a never ending cycle. A unbeatable foe
I made a discord server. Why? Idk. Feel free to join and hang out


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Trevor M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello everyone, I am SwiftStorm73 and welcome to my Deviantart page. I don't really upload (part of this reason is I am very bad at drawing, wish my brother would draw more for this page) anyways welcome and have fun

"If you don't succeed, try again. You'd be surprised how often it works."
"No matter how bad things seem for you, remember this...There is still chances for you"
"Friends are a light when the world becomes dark, and that light will get brighter if you are a friend to yourself." ~ Trevor
Buttons :D :

:iconflamietwo: ~ "found it on tumblr"

About My OC's:

SwiftStorm: SwiftStorm is a Pegasus who flies really fast and loves to make new friends. He likes to play games and even sometimes writes. He has had a rivalry with RainbowDash ever since he was a colt. SwiftStorm's cousin is Derpy but she is more like a sister to him, as they do everything together. He even has a best friend named Nightfall, who he spends a lot of time with. When he was a colt, SwiftStorm had to move away from Ponyville, but he returned and now resides there.

Bonfire is a Pegasus with very large wings. He is a very sneaky, sly, and secretive pony. When he was a colt he was best friends with SwiftStorm, but when he moved away something changed Bonfire. In his spare time, Bonfire plays tricks on ponies. Bonfire was outcast by his family. The only member of his family who talks to him is his little sister, Spitfire. Spitfire looks up to Bonfire, inheriting his attitude. Ever since Swift came back, Bonfire has been plotting a revenge...



Amazing friends, love you guys ~<3

:iconflamietwo: One of my best friends and a good artist and very supportive. You're great man!
:iconwinterbreeze96: One of my best friends who helps me with problems. Thanks for being there :D
:iconblitzenoo: A great artist who is supportive and funny
:iconfilthyweeeb: A wicked awesome friend
:iconwintereousflame: One of my closest friend and a relatively awesome person. Keep being you!
:icondragonheart0211: Another one of my closest friends and family. Just a amazing person
:iconp0n1es: A great new friend of mine. Keep being amazing!
:iconmio-misaki: FRRRAAAANNND!!!

Swift's sayings:

"Nothing can't happen"
"Beat you there!"
"That didn't look good..."


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Swift: pwease? *cute face*

Nah, don't donate if you don't want to :D

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